Katie’s Debut: Final Instant Reactions

By Brian 

> “Katie passed… she was a little nervous, but can you blame her? Has any anchor, ever, had such a focus on their debut? No…”

> “I think Katie was fantastic today. She is competent and capable… It’s ridiculous that there is an obvious double standard when it comes to how her performance is assessed. She’s been in this business for over 25 years…”

> “I watched Katie tonight and it was fantastic. The show is exactly what she billed it: not necessarily a rundown of the day’s news, but rather a more in-depth look at what people probably already know. Good work, I say. And as for the Baby Suri photos: if you think that 30 seconds they devoted to it made the show soft, then you should have seen Anderson Cooper tonight. He lead with Steve Irwin’s death and ran with it. Sheesh…”

> “In a day and age where most people see the headlines on the internet throughout the day or at the gym or standing in line at the supermarket, I appreciated some of the more in-depth reporting…”

> “It’ll do fine — but with an older demographic. The slow pacing and soft graphics were all about appealing to an older, not younger, crowd. My granny will definitely be a convert!…”

> “As a graphic designer, I’m underwhelmed by the typefaces selected. The text for the phrase ‘CBS Evening News with Katie Couric’ looks like any flimsy thing produced by a novice on Microsoft Word. Not what you want as your distinguished brand’s insignia…”

> “What happened to Katie asking the reporters questions?”