Katie Debuts: Morning Papers, Part 5

By Brian 

> Arizona Republic: “Now the question becomes the only one that’s ever really mattered: Will people watch her?…”

> Variety: “Indeed, beyond the minor cosmetic changes, the revamped Evening News… in most ways mirrored the traditional template, down even to film composer James Horner’s theme, which sounded much like the previous fanfare…”

> USA Today: “Of course, there were a few opening night glitches, along with a few probably short-lived changes that seemed to exist for change’s sake alone. Couric seemed a little stiff at times, and a little over-enthusiastic at others…”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “Katie Couric was great, but what have they done to The CBS Evening News?…”

> Deseret News: “Couric’s newscast wasn’t without showbiz elements. It was either very brave or very stupid to unveil the ‘exclusive first photos’ of Tom Cruise’s baby on Couric’s first night, opening her up to charges of being a lightweight…”

> Atlanta Journal Constitution: “If her first night on the air was any indication, making a personal conection with her viewers seems to be a Couric mandate…”

> People: “Frankly, it was all very unedifying…”

> Rocky Mountain News: “Couric’s new career shouldn’t be defined by one program, regardless of the pro and con reviews that will pour in…”