Katie Debuts: Morning Papers, Part 2

By Brian 

> NY Times: “The network’s new face handled her first day at the anchor desk — a shinier, lighter desk — calmly and competently…”

> LA Times: “Tuesday’s debut showed she is such a great choice to drag a moribund format not so much into the next century as toward the next iteration of what is, at bottom, a commercial enterprise…”

> Washington Post: “In the end, it’s not about pleasing TV writers. Couric has to connect with the older people who tend to watch nightly newscasts. And if she doesn’t, the TV writers could turn skeptical in a hurry…”

> Charlotte Observer: “She was the big story of the night… but she barely acknowledged the moment…”

> MSNBC.com: “Note to Katie: It’s called the ‘CBS Evening NEWS’ for a reason…”

> San Jose Mercury News: “She played the straight news straight… while still finding room in the newscast for appropriate moments of the signature Couric warmth and empathy skills…”

> Chicago Tribune: “Couric’s long been annoyed at being called perky, but perhaps quirky would be a better word for how she ended the broadcast…”