Katie Couric’s Daughters Chose CBS

By Brian 

Family meeting! As she thought about her future, Katie Couric met with her parents and two young daughters around the dinner table and laid out her options: Stay at ‘Today’ and join CBS. Bill Carter writes: She “explained to her daughters that should she take the CBS job her schedule would change radically from morning work hours to evening work hours and certainly the family routine of early dinners together would be disrupted.

Ellie, 14, at once voted for the jump to CBS, pointing out that mealtime was certainly no problem because, thanks to her mother’s unusual schedule, they had been eating ‘early-bird dinners’ for their entire lives, while almost everyone else they knew did not sit down to eat until 7 or 7:30.

When Ms. Couric turned to Carrie, 10, she got an equally quick response. Carrie said she would choose CBS as well, because that would make her mother ‘the first woman in that job by herself.'”