Katie Couric Staying ‘In the Thick of Things’

By Chris Ariens 

Her syndicated show won’t bow for another 11 months, so what’s Katie Couric to do?

Well, this morning she co-hosted LIVE alongside Kelly Ripa. Couric talked about her days of getting up early for the “Today” show, and how she still has nightmares about oversleeping and getting to the show late, because, well, she did.

“One time I overslept and I looked at my little digital clock and it said 6:38,” said Couric. “And oh, my God. I had to get dressed in about five minutes and I got there in the nick of time. And I think that was when I was co-anchoring with Bryant [Gumbel]. And he was not pleased with that.”

Last week Couric was in Washington DC where she emcee’d the Habitat for Humanity “Build Hope” gala at the National Building Museum.

“Sometimes it feels strange not to be in the thick of things,” Couric tells The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz. “But I also think after 20 years of being on television every single day, it’s a nice opportunity to take a break. So I’m OK with it, actually.”

At the event, Couric learned she has an admirer in Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia. “This ole Southern boy has always dreamed of meeting Katie Couric,” said Isakson. “Habitat for Humanity just granted all of my wishes.”