A ‘Nervous’ Katie Couric on ‘Good Morning America’ While ‘Today’ Teases ‘Legend’

By Chris Ariens 

“We’re glad to have Katie Couric here,” said George Stephanopoulos at the start of this morning’s “Good Morning America” where Couric is sitting in all week for Robin Roberts.

“It’s a little strange and I’m a bit nervous,” said Couric. “I first woke up at 1:15, like ‘I’m ready to go!'” said the morning show veteran before showing a video montage of her attempting to wake up.

“I kind of feel like I won the lottery,” said Couric before getting to the show’s lead story, the Mega Millions lottery winners.

Over on “Today” Matt Lauer and Ann Curry teased their mystery guest in silhouette. “There’s been so much speculation about who’s our legend this morning,” said Curry, before Lauer teased, “We’ll reveal that a little later on.”

Lauer also said they’d be checking in with Sarah Palin who is on her way to New York to co-host tomorrow’s edition of “Today.”

TVNewser columnist Gail Shister will be writing up the morning show stunts later today.

> Update: Meredith Vieira is the “Today” show legend, it was revealed in the 7:30 open. She’s on her way into the studio to make a special announcement. And if you haven’t had enough special announcements, Curry and Lauer teased Ryan Seacrest will be on the show tomorrow with “a special surprise announcement.”

What was, until last Wednesday, the biggest morning show booking of the week — Oprah Winfrey — went on “CBS This Morning” around 7:40pmET. Charlie Rose asked about the negative press she is starting to receive due to the struggling OWN network. “I’ve lived in this sort of glow for the past 10 years at least,” said Winfrey. “But last week I saw one headline that sort of knocked me off center — the USA Today headline that said Oprah Not Quite Standing On Her Own and it just did ‘Whoa!!'”

Winfrey said she won’t just hang it up — “there will never be a time to quit” — because she sees what she’s doing as “a calling.”

Winfrey says she’s never been happier with OWN than she is right now because of the changes the network is making. “Just like CBS morning news,” said Winfrey, “Even for this particular show. You know the history of this show. There have been a lot of people put in this show. I think they finally got it right!”