Kathy Griffin Calls CNN Firing ‘Hurtful,’ Says Even Her Mother Won’t Talk To Her ‘Because She’s In Love With Tucker Carlson’

By Chris Ariens 

With her attorney, TV’s Lisa Bloom, at her side comedian Kathy Griffin explained what inspired the gruesome prop she used during a recent photo shoot, holding the severed, bloody head of Donald Trump.

Griffin explained Megyn Kelly was partly the inspiration.

“I started thinking about the Megyn Kelly thing. And by the way, I’m sure Megyn Kelly can’t stand me, but I will always stick up for a woman. So, I thought of that ‘blood coming out of her eyes coming out of her wherever,’ thing” she explained, citing something Trump said about Kelly during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon in August, 2015.

Griffin thought it would be perceived as “an absurdist, artsy, statementy thing.”

It wasn’t. And it has led to the cancellation of at least 5 stand-up shows and her firing from CNN’s New Year’s Eve special. Griffin called the CNN split “hurtful.” Bloom, who often appears on CNN, added, “It’s censorship is what it is. She worked there 10 years. She was the best part of New Year’s Eve.”

When a reporter asked whether she’s heard from Anderson Cooper, Griffin teared up and shook her head. “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me,” she said. Another reporter asked how it felt to learn that Cooper called the photo “disgusting.” Again tearful, Griffin said, “I don’t know. That hurt.”

As for her future, Griffin said, “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this. He broke me,” she said of Trump, adding, “I’m not going to be collateral damage for this fool. I can say that.”

Griffin vacillated between tears and one-liners during the 20-minute newser, at one point joking of her 96-year-old mother, who is a huge Fox News fan, “My mother is not speaking to me because she’s in love with Tucker Carlson.”