Justice With Judge Jeanine Returns to Fox News This Week

By A.J. Katz Comment

Sean Hannity stated during a phone interview with President Trump last night that after two consecutive weeks off the air, Justice with Judge Jeanine will return to the Fox News lineup on Saturday.

The remark was made during a back and forth about “fake news” and the Russia investigation.

Trump:  As many people have said, and fortunately we have had some incredible people that really were fair.  When you mentioned Rush [Limbaugh] or Mark — Mark Levin, or Steve Doocy, and Ainsley [Earhardt] in the morning, and Brian [Kilmeade] and Laura [Ingraham], Jesse [Watters], Jeanine [Pirro] — I hope Jeanine’s back soon.

Hannity:  She’s back Saturday.

Trump:  So many people.  I don’t want to keep going because I’m going to leave out some people.  I could again go so long.  So many great people have been — you know, they get it.

Fox News confirmed Hannity’s remark to TVNewser.

The reason for Pirro’s show –the most-watched weekend cable news show– being bumped in the first place likely stemmed from the host claiming on the March 9 edition of her opinion show that Minnesota freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar is “sharia compliant” and disloyal to the U.S. Constitution because she wears a hijab.

On March 16, when reports surfaced that Pirro’s show would be bumped that evening, a Fox News spokesperson told TVNewser, “We are not commenting on internal scheduling matters.” The network had stood by that statement.

The remarks made by the former judge and Westchester County District Attorney-turned conservative firebrand TV host originally elicited a strong rebuke from Fox News management. The network also stated at the time that it had “addressed the matter directly” with Pirro, who hasn’t tweeted since March 10, the morning after she made the remarks, and before the controversy truly erupted.

President Trump was not a happy man when he heard that the show was being bumped. He’ll surely return to being happy now.