Just Merge Already

By Brian 

“CNN has served as something of a farm team for the Eye,” and Lou Dobbs‘ Early Show contributor deal is just the latest example, Variety reports.

 “As a network, CBS is attempting to use national personalities developed on CNN to bolster its bench of analysts, contributors and correspondents.”

Other examples: Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper.

  “CBS News and Sports prexy Sean McManus had targeted both Gupta and Cooper for full-time gigs at CBS, but both had personal reasons to stay at CNN.

Gupta wanted to keep his neurosurgery practice in Atlanta, which he balances with his CNN role, while Cooper wanted to keep his two-hour primetime show on the cable news net.

But sharing personalities has the potential to be mutually beneficial. CNN lends news personalities with a national profile. CBS provides a bigger, broadcast platform that exposes them to many more viewers than see them on CNN.”

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