Just As We Were Trying to Forget Last September, TV News is Here to Remind Us

By Chris Ariens 

This month CNBC is taking a stroll down memory lane. You remember last September: when the stock market plummeted, housing prices took a nose dive, and the unemployment rate began setting its sights on 10%.

Well, tonight at 10pmET, Maria Bartiromo anchors 1 Year Later: Reflections from the Street. Bartiromo sits down with the key players to get a first hand account of their role in the events of last September.

Then, Monday night at 8pmET, 1 Year Later: The Week That Shook the World will look at how Wall Street changed the way it does business. And Tuesday at 8pmET, 1 Year Later: Road to Recovery (8pm ET) looks at the industries and sectors most impacted and where the investment opportunities lie in this new environment.

Meanwhile, BBC World News America has special programs planned this week too. Matt Frei anchors from New York Monday and Tuesday featuring newsmaker interviews and reports from Washington and Beijing. Then on Tuesday, following BBC World News America, Frei hosts “Aftershock: A Global Economic Debate” a one hour special examining the impact of the global economic recession one year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

ABC News is also planning special coverage next week on ‘World News.’ More on their plans Monday on TVNewser.