JPMorgan Chase Pulls Ads from NBC News Over Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Interview

By Chris Ariens 

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly has lost at least one advertiser in the wake of the network’s decision to go ahead with the airing of Kelly’s interview with firebrand talk show host Alex Jones.

JPMorgan Chase has asked that local and digital ads be removed from all NBC News programming until after Sunday’s show airs, the WSJ reports. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer went so far as to tweet her disappointment:

No comment from NBC’s ad sales team, but the show’s ep told CNN: “Giving [Jones] a platform would mean he goes unchallenged, and that’s not the case in any way,” said Liz Cole.. “Viewers will see Megyn do a strong interview where she challenges him appropriately. That’s the benefit of putting him out there. When someone actually sits down and asks him questions and he has to come up with answers — there’s value to that,” she said.