Jorge Ramos Will Get Donald Trump Interview

By Chris Ariens 

The other day we wondered how long it would take Univison anchor Jorge Ramos to get his much sought-after interview with the GOP front-runner. Well, this morning, Twitterer-in-chief Donald J. Trump hinted that it’s on the horizon:

Trump’s tweet not only confirms a warming of relations, but, in using the pejorative anchor baby–the term for a child born in the U.S. to a foreign national mother–does not waver on his tough stance on illegal immigration.

Ramos has been attempting to get an interview with Trump since he announced his candidacy in June, even sending him a handwritten note, which Trump then blasted on his own social media accounts. In August, Ramos was escorted from a Trump event as the Univision anchor tried to ask him questions. Ramos was eventually allowed back into the event.