Jorge Ramos: ‘I’ve Never Been Attacked That Way Before’

By Mark Joyella 

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos says his experiences covering the campaign of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump have been unlike any other he has experienced–not just in the way the candidate has treated him personally, but the way his supporters have piled on.

“A few seconds after Donald Trump has told me something hateful, somebody else repeats it. He has legitimized what people only dare say in their kitchens and bedrooms,” Ramos says in an interview with Esquire.

Ramos talks about being removed from a Trump news conference, and Trump’s unusual response to Ramos’ hand-written request for an interview:

“I sent Trump a handwritten note requesting an interview with my cell-phone number in it. That was a huge mistake. You should never, ever give your cell-phone number to Donald Trump. You know what he did with it? He put it on the Internet. I was at my office midmorning, and I tried to make a phone call. I couldn’t. My phone kept getting thousands of messages and calls. I’ve never been attacked that way before. The vast majority of the messages were negative-the worst insults.