Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump Can’t Win Without Latinos

By Chris Ariens 

The Jorge RamosDonald Trump saga entered a new phase this week.

On his Fusion show, live from the Republican National Convention last night, Ramos revealed that he got a letter from Donald J. Trump. Ramos was hoping it would be a letter confirming an interview with the presumptive GOP nominee, which Trump had promised.

“As you can see it’s just a letter,” Ramos told TVNewser in an interview at the Quicken Loans Arena this afternoon. “He sent me a bumper sticker and he requested a donation. I’m a registered independent so he won’t get anything from me,” Ramos said. “He sent it to my personal address.”

The feud began when Trump sued Univision after the network pulled out of airing the Miss Universe pageant, which Trump then co-owned. It got even more tense when Ramos was escorted out of a Trump event last August. But when Trump settled his suit with Univison he tweeted that he looked “forward to sitting down with their star anchor.” That was in February.

RNC-adweek-4x3-a-2016Ramos, who is covering his sixth political convention, still hopes to get the interview. Citing a poll that gives Trump 19 percent of the Hispanic vote at this point, Ramos says, “With 19 percent he can’t win the White House. Romney got 27 percent of the Hispanic vote and he lost. I don’t know how he’s going to win without us.”

“When he realizes he can’t win without Hispanics, he might pivot, and talk to me, and take that risk. Because it will be a risk for him.”

Ramos, who got some flak for challenging Hillary Clinton on Benghazi and on her private email server during a primary debate, thinks it’s time for a Latino to moderate one of the three presidential or one vice presidential debates.

“It is defiantly time for a Hispanic to be one of the moderators and I’m not asking that for me,” he said, citing ABC’s Tom Llamas¬†and Cecilia Vega and NBC/Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart as possible moderators. “Here you have three fantastic, great journalists who could be part of the presidential debates and at least one of them should be there.”

At the RNC, Ramos says he has four jobs: anchoring a nightly newscast on Univision, anchoring a show for Fusion, he’s taping segments for an upcoming HBO documentary and he’s writing a column for the New York Times.

By the way, that video in which Ramos revealed his letter, has garnered 950,000 views on Facebook.