JonBenet Arrest: “Cameras Mounted On Tripods Like Machine Guns” In Boulder

By Brian 

“The waiting. Oftentimes, it’s the hardest thing a journalist endures. After 72 hours in Boulder covering the resurrected JonBenet mystery, the waiting has been the most fatiguing aspect of this story,” NBC News producer Gene Choo blogs from Boulder.

“Never mind that we — and by we I mean news crews from Tokyo to New York City — have been camped out in front of the Boulder Criminal Justice Center like an invading army armed with hulking satellite trucks and cameras mounted on tripods like machine guns. It’s the waiting. Waiting for word — word of Karr getting on a plane from Thailand. Word about any long lost friends who may have received e-mails or gotten taped conversations from Karr. Waiting for interviews to come through. In the meantime, we do our best to piece together what little facts we have and try to extrapolate conclusions as best we can from experts who I call the ‘JonBenet-ists‘ — anyone associated with the last trial/investigation…”

> Also: “More than 30 journalists representing organizations as far away as Japan attended a meeting Friday to divvy up media seating for Karr’s first court appearance — even though the hearing hadn’t even been scheduled,” the AP notes…