JonBenet Arrest: Afternoon Notes

By Brian 

> New low?: NBC’s Michelle Kosinski stood in an Atlanta graveyard near JonBenet’s grave for an 11am live shot on MSNBC. Behind her, other photographers were seen walking around. Update: 2:26pm: Don’t blame MSNBC for this one — The Today Show positoned Kosinski in Atlanta this morning. She stood outside the cemetery on Today because it wasn’t open yet…

> An e-mailer asks: “Did anyone else notice that Diane Sawyer came back from her vacation to anchor the breaking news coverage while Matt Lauer did not?…”

> “It’s fascinating to watch the way the cable news channels are now backtracking on the Karr reports,” an e-mailer says. A second person writes: “Keep an eye on coverage of this and who, if anyone, manages to keep from falling down the rabbit hole of unquestioning credulity…”

> Bill O’Reilly, on his Radio Factor, commented on the coverage: “Last night, I did my regular program, then went to Greta at the end of the show for five minutes, since it was a developing, fluid story. Our competition did 40 minutes on this… 40 minutes on nothing! Four-zero!…”

> “Before MSNBC & Dan Abrams pat themselves on the backs for their JonBenet coverage, they should consider how the constant coverage of this story on cable news impacted the Ramsey family over the years,” an observer writes to TVNewser. “I wish all of the cable nets would step back for just once, and consider how their 24 sharkfest impacts real lives out there…”

> ABC is preparing a special JonBenet edition of Primetime. Chris Cuomo will anchor and Cynthia McFadden, Jim Avila and Bob Brown will report, tonight at 10pm…