Jon Klein & Ken Jautz Are Jazzed About CNN’s First Quarter

By Brian 

CNN is trying to improve communications with its employees. To that end, Jon Klein and Ken Jautz held a meeting for staffers this afternoon. Here are some of the highlights, courtesy an anonymous insider:

> Klein called the first quarter “really terrific,” both editorially and ratings-wise.

> Klein: “Our business is finding stuff out and telling the audience about it. The way the audience processes that information is different at different times of day.”

> “I can say, clearly and unequivocally, that HLN has had the best quarter it’s ever had…and I have the numbers to back it up,” Jautz said.

> CNN/US has cut FNC’s lead by 50 percent in primetime, Klein and Jautz asserted. This combined with HLN’s ratings increases shows that HLN is not cannibalizing primetime viewers from CNN/US.

> HLN is also getting more press than it ever has, Jautz noted. He said he is very happy with the cooperation and coordination among CNN and HLN.