Jon Klein: CNN is “Extremely Committed” to SOTU

By Chris Ariens 

More from Marisa Guthrie‘s B&C story on the Sunday shows. CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein says he is “extremely committed” to the network’s four-hour Sunday show “State of the Union with John King,” which includes the media criticism hour “Reliable Sources” at 10amET. King will be leaving the show in January as he fills the slot vacated last week by Lou Dobbs.

“We believe it’s an important time period for any news organization to compete in,” Klein tells Guthrie.

Klein would not discuss replacements for King, but in-house candidates under consideration include Candy Crowley and Suzanne Malveaux. King called the decision to leave “difficult.” But he credited the performance of State of the Union for helping to launch him to primetime. “I’m fully confident that one of the reasons they came to me is because they like what we’re doing on Sunday and they’re proud of it,” he says.

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