Jon Klein: An Interviewer’s Dream

By Brian 

Jon Klein gets a lot of press. I think we can all agree on that. Jon Friedman‘s column is one of the first honest explanations why:

  Still, his candor can be astonishing. Network presidents, for example, aren’t supposed to criticize their channel’s failures, such as CNN’s much-loathed cacophony known as “Crossfire.” When Klein pointed out it was no longer on the air, I blurted out: “Thank God.”

Klein nodded and muttered, “That’s how I felt.”

A little later in the interview, he said proudly of CNN: “We make a lot of money” and called the network “a very profitable business.” Then he turned to [CNN spokesperson Christa] Robinson and asked (sheepishly, of course), “Can I say that?”

What can I say? The man is an interviewer’s dream.