John Roberts’ Tie is Not on Backwards

By Chris Ariens 

At the start of the White House press briefing today, Fox News correspondent John Roberts was among the press corps trying to help out Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling him that his American flag lapel pin was upside down. “John Roberts is always helping with the fashion tips,” said Spicer as he straightened his pin.

But little did Spicer know–nor did a lot of people watching at home–that Roberts was making a fashion statement of his own. Roberts tied his tie using a rare Merovingian knot (which didn’t get its name from 8th Century French nobility, but from a character in Matrix 2.)

The knot not withstanding, Roberts and Spicer got into a fiery back and forth about what the White House knew about now-fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn‘s business ties, and whether he was honest on his disclosure forms.


Reporters from the New York Times and NBC News also weighed in on the Flynn matter. “But Peter,” said Spicer to NBC’s Peter Alexander, “this is like saying, can you tell me the executives at NBC have gone through every single person’s backgrounds? We trust them that they’re filling out the forms in the legal manner.”