John Nash and Alicia Nash, Inspiration for A Beautiful Mind, Killed in Car Accident

By Chris Ariens 

John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and his wife Alicia, were killed in a car accident in New Jersey late Saturday afternoon. reports:

The Nashes were in a taxi traveling southbound in the left lane of the New Jersey Turnpike when the driver of the Ford Crown Victoria lost control as he tried to pass a Chrysler in the center lane, crashing into a guard rail, according to State Police Sgt. Gregory Williams.

The Nashes were ejected from the car, Williams said.


Nash, 86, and Alicia, 82, who lived in Princeton Junction, were the inspiration for the book and later the film, A Beautiful Mind, which won the 2002 Best Picture Academy Award.

Russell Crowe, nominated for his role as John Nash, spotted the news on the NBC News-owned twitter account @breakingnews, and added his thoughts: