John King’s State Fair Favorite: Beer on a Stick

By Alex Weprin 

Right before elections, you can be sure that politicians will be making visits to state and county fairs in their districts. Where there are politicians, political reporters aren’t going to be far behind.

US News & World Report spoke to a number of politicos about their state fair favorites, including CNN’s John King:

CNN’s John King has a bunch of favorites he’s had at the many state fairs he’s covered in his journalism career. But one stands out: Beer-on-a-stick, which is essentially a wooden paddle that holds three cups of beer.

“I had beer-on-a-stick at the Minnesota State Fair last year. Can’t beat that. The deep fried Reese’s was surprisingly good, too, and they have amazing chocolate chip cookies there. Sen. Amy Klobuchar tried to sell me on the chocolate dipped bacon, but I passed.”