Joe The Plumber Tells Huckabee The Talk Show Host Media Worried About “Silly Things”

By Chris Ariens 

On Mike Huckabee’s new Fox News Channel show last night Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber fired back at the reporters who’ve been looking in to his past. Including a Scottsdale Tribune’s story that Wurzelbacher’s Arizona driver’s license was suspended in May, 2000, following nonpayment of a court-imposed fine for civil traffic violations.

I am a plumber, and just a plumber, and here Barack Obama or John McCain, I mean these guys are going to deal with some serious issues coming up shortly. The media’s worried about whether I paid my taxes, they’re worried about any number of silly things that have nothing to do with America. They really don’t. I asked a question. When you can’t ask a question to your leaders anymore, that gets scary. That bothers me.

The Toledo Blade reports, Wurzelbacher “strode onto the set of Fox News Channel’s Huckabee program to thunderous applause.”

And that 15 minutes has now stretched to about 84 hours.