Joe Scarborough Yearns for His Own ‘Hamilton’ Moment

By A.J. Katz 

The political rivalry between founding father Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr is a major theme in 2016’s most critically-acclaimed Broadway show: Hamilton. Can the TV news rivalry between Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump lay the foundation for another Broadway hit? The Morning Joe co-host hopes so, because he is in the midst of creating a musical that centers on the polarizing Republican nominee for president. “It’s called Trump: The Musical,” Scarborough said in a recent interview with GQ. “It’s actually Hamilton meets The Book of Mormon.”

Would the masses really be interested in a satirical musical focused on Trump? Scarborough thinks so. “Oh yeah,” Scarborough said in the interview. “There’s enough general-interest knowledge about this guy that I can write basically whatever I want to write. People are like, ‘Well, what if he wins?’ “I go, ‘That’s even better!'”

The popular cable news personality was once considered by many to be an ally of Trump’s. He has done something of a 180-degree turn on the candidate in recent months, frequently criticizing the actions of Trump and his campaign’s failure to pivot on his popular morning show.

Scarborough, who happens to moonlight as the frontman for Morning Joe Music, recently combined his musical talents and dislike for the candidate in a song called Amnesty Don, which featured myriad jokes at Trump’s expense. The song and corresponding video went viral late last month. Needless to say, if there’s anyone who could pull off a musical focused on Donald Trump, it’s Scarborough.

Below are some lyrics to a song from Trump: The Musical:

I’m just a simple man

Blessed with this orange tan

I’m simply titanic

Beloved by Hispanics and Jews

I’m huge

Losers don’t understand

The genius of my border plan

They call me a fool

Then they dare ridicule my huge hands