Joe Kernen’s Pen Pal: His Daughter, Blake

By Chris Ariens 

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CNBC’s Joe Kernen has a new book coming out, and it’s co-authored by his daughter Blake. The tome, titled, “Your Teacher Said What? Defending our kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism” comes out Thursday and despite being co-written by a tween, this is no children’s book.

The book gets reviewed in by Steve Forbes.

Joe immediately identifies those standing in the way of progress, who, ironically, call themselves Progressives. These folks are essentially elitist and profoundly distrust free markets, thinking they can run things better than we the people. Readers will also find an eye-opening comparison of social welfare in the U.S. and in western European countries, including Sweden. The surprising conclusion: America has more of it. This is truly a book for adults and kids of (almost) all ages.

The Kernens will be feted at a book party later this month hosted by CNBC president Mark Hoffman.

Blake Kernen has been a semi-regular on CNBC. She made her debut when she was four months old (right) talking about CDOs and credit derivatives. She returned to “Squawk Box” a couple years ago talking about her favorite musicians.