Jodi Arias Trial Coverage Paying Dividends For HLN, ‘Making It In America’

By Alex Weprin 

While there has been no shortage of newsworthy stories to cover in recent weeks, there is one that is singlehandedly boosting an entire TV network. HLN, which goes all-out to cover prominent court cases (particularly when the accused is an attractive female), has been dedicating most of its daily coverage to the Jodi Arias trial.

The coverage is paying off in the ratings, particularly in the afternoon and early evening.

While the primetime shows, led by Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace, are doing very well covering the trial, the biggest surprise may be 4 PM’s “Making It In America,” which has been routinely topping its primetime counterparts in total viewers, and coming close to beating them in the demo. Vinnie Politan is the anchor of “making It.”

Over the last week, “Making It In America” has averaged 732,800 viewers, including 188,000 in the key adults 25-54 demo.  The show  topped CNN and MSNBC’s 4 PM shows in total viewers and the demo, and even topped FNC in the demo a couple of times in the last week.

“Evening Express,” which airs from 5-7PM, has also seen a  ratings boost, averaging 626,300 total viewers and 174,700 demo viewers at 5 PM, and 689,2000 total viewers and 168,500 demo viewers at 6 PM. While it wasn’t as dominant as “Making It,” “Evening Express” was still able to top its cable news competition for a few days over the last week.

With CNN and Fox News only occasionally covering the Arias trial, and MSNBC really not touching it at all, HLN has the game to itself, and it is clearly paying off. The question is, what do they do once the trial is over?