Jimmer Fredette coming to a screen near you

By Cam Martin 

If you didn’t get your fill of former BYU standout Jimmer Fredette during the NCAA tournament, the 2011 Naismith Award winner will soon be caulking the holes in your Jimmer education, thanks to a production deal with a New York-based company that will chronicle his days leading up to this year’s NBA Draft, when some team (cough, the Jazz) will satisfy their fan base by selecting the sharp-shooting point guard.

Sports Business Daily reports the following:

Fredette committed to allow Tupelo-Honey to shoot more than 100 hours of footage over 30 days. The New York-based production company plans to sell online and mobile vignettes and packaged 30-minute TV shows.

100 hours over 30 days, huh? If during that extensive commitment they manage to catch Fredette playing any defense it’ll be like capturing footage of the elusive chupacabra.

No programming has been sold yet, but Tupelo-Honey President Cary Glotzer said he’s already been having discussions and plans to sell footage to several outlets.

Glotzer plans to produce daily two- to four-minute webisodes, a daily video blog and weekly recap features. After the 30 days, Tupelo-Honey will produce a long-form documentary for a TV channel or theatrical release.

He also plans to sell sponsorship around the video content, and said some brands already are showing interest. Glotzer said he could make some video clips available for sponsors’ websites.

(Source: Sports Business Journal)