Jim Cramer Owes Eric Bolling $50,000

By SteveK 

Over the last few weeks, TVNewser has received many anonymous tips regarding a bet made by Jim Cramer and Eric Bolling on CNBC last January.

The parameters involved which sector chosen by Cramer and Bolling would “outshine” the other in 2007. The loser would donate $50,000 to the winner’s charity of choice. Cramer picked the financial sector and Bolling took the oil and gold sectors.

An interview on 1440wallstreet.com from January 12, 2007 confirmed the bet was legitimate: “The charity bet is on!! I like Jim, but don’t come into my house and try to drink my wine! Not without a fight,” said Bolling.

On CNBC.com, a story from July 10 updates the bet: “Halfway through, the Admiral is on top. Cramer is down 0.57% since the January call, but Eric is up 22.04%,” the article says.

In the end Bolling won. But since then, the Admiral has jumped ship appearing on Fox Business Network. So, will Cramer make good on the charity payment? An FBN spokesperson tells TVNewser Bolling will be on FBN’s Money for Breakfast Tuesday morning. Stay tuned…

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