Jim Cramer Digs Into the Efforts to Revitalize Ground Zero

By A.J. Katz 

Fifteen years after the attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, the area that quickly came to be known as Ground Zero has been the scene of American ingenuity, tenacity and resilience. Anyone who has visited the 16-acre site in Lower Manhattan can attest to that.

Tonight CNBC’s Jim Cramer digs into the story behind the ongoing re-development of the World Trade Center site, including the political battles that have been fought to bring the area back to life.

“I came into this documentary with misconceptions and pretty much decided that it would take forever to put together something that could meld commerce and remembrance in any dignified way,” Cramer tells TVNewser. “But as we did interview after interview of those directly involved in the reconstruction, including the denizens of the new tower, I learned that the noisy coalition of interests that came together was successful in accomplishing the impossible.”

In Cramer’s special, Ground Zero Rising: Freedom vs. Fear, the CNBC host talks to politicians and others involved in the revitalization of the sacred site. He also meets with men and women who now fill the office towers on the site. He also talks to a young cop, an older tour guide, a stone mason, as well as a man who fled the towers, only to relocate his company back to One World Trade years later:

Cramer says the effort, which continues today with the construction of a new office tower, is “an honorable memorial to those who lost their lives.” Ground Zero Rising: Freedom vs. Fear premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CNBC.