Jim Acosta Believes Trump Administration Doesn’t Want Americans to See and Hear What They’re Doing

By A.J. Katz 

CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta has engaged in his fair share of battles with the Trump administration over the first six months, far more than any other member of the White House press corps.

In recent days, the veteran DC journalist has become increasingly irritated by what he believes is a severe lack of transparency coming from Sean Spicer and this White House, recently comparing covering the administration to “Bad reality TV.”

Acosta is off today, but his absence isn’t stopping him from criticizing the administration via Twitter, including the communications team’s decision to once again disallow cameras from showing the briefing. Ironically it’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders, not Spicer, who will hold today’s briefing.

The Tuesday, June 20th briefing was on-camera, and Spicer did not call on Acosta.


Here are Acosta’s observations from Monday’s briefing, which was also held off-camera and with audio banned.


Acosta’s tweets would become a bit fiercer in tone, particularly after Spicer decided not to call on him at the briefing.