After Praising Conspiracy Theory Cult QAnon, Jesse Watters Now Says: ‘My Comments Should Not Be Mistaken for Giving Credence to This Fringe Platform’

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News host Jesse Watters wants to clear up comments he made on Saturday night’s edition of Watters World, where he appeared to praise some of the work being done by conspiracy theory cult QAnon.

The remarks were made during an interview with the president’s son, Eric Trump. Watters brought up “censorship” by big tech companies, including how Twitter had recently banned thousands of accounts that were in support of the cult for sharing false info and harassing other Twitter users.

“Twitter has basically cracked down and eliminated about 7,000 accounts,” said Watters, “and another 100,000 accounts are now in the cross-hairs.”


Watters asked Trump: “Do you think this is an attempt to interfere in an election? Because you know, Q can do some crazy stuff with the pizza stuff and the Wayfair stuff but they also uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to Epstein and the deep state.”

The “but they also uncovered a lot of great stuff … ” part of that statement raised some eyebrows.

Fox News provided TVNewser with a statement from Watters regarding Saturday night’s Watters World: “While discussing the double standard of big tech censorship, I mentioned the conspiracy group QAnon, which I don’t support or believe in. My comments should not be mistaken for giving credence to this fringe platform.”