Jesse Ventura Issues His Own Waterboarding Challenge to Sean Hannity

By Chris Ariens 

Wrestler, turned governor, turned MSNBC host, turned author, turned book promoter Jesse Ventura is finding his TV appearances are becoming more scarce than CNN’s prime time viewers.

In an interview with The Huffington Post Ventura says Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher are “afraid” to have him on their shows.

Ventura did appear on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night, but Ventura says Hannity cut short the interview before they could talk about waterboarding. “He’s scared to death of me,” says Ventura. “It was over in a few minutes and that was it.”


And now Ventura is proposing an Olbermann-like waterboarding wager. “I’ll bet [Hannity] a thousand bucks that I can get him to say ‘Barack Obama is the greatest president.’ If I get him to say it, he’ll give the thousand to charity and if I can’t, I’ll give the money to charity.”

Ventura is making the rounds promoting the paperback version of, “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me.” He made appearances on “Fox & Friends” and “The View” this week as well.

> Update: Hannity responds: “Jesse was on radio and TV with me for a combined 30 full minutes last week – what a shame in his old age he couldn’t remember to say it on air then. The truth is, Jesse has become a dull guest who’s trying to recapture his former political glory and sell his recently released paperback.”