College Football Reporter Jenn Brown Moonlighting as Beer Saleswoman

By Alex Weprin 

ESPN college football reporter Jenn Brown has landed a new gig on the side(line): selling beer. Brown has been named “The new face” of Icehouse Beer, owned by MillerCoors, and will appear in marketing and advertising materials for the product through December 2011.

Based on her surely authentic canned quote from the press release, Brown really, really loves Icehouse:

“Icehouse doesn’t take itself too seriously,” said Brown. “It’s like a loyal friend who’s always having fun and knows that time spent with buddies should never be less than great… and never watered down. And what’s better than watching football with an ice-cold Icehouse?”

On-air talent endorse products all the time. Any Mets fan could tell you that Just For Men hair coloring treatments have the stamp of approval from Keith Hernandez. The problem here is that Brown covers college sports, where many of the hardcore fans may be under 21.

It is safe to say ESPN does not want to be seen as encouraging youth to break the law, even if it is for beer that is Ice Brewed Below Freezingâ„¢. On the other hand, Brown’s deal with MillerCoors probably had to be approved by the company, and who knows, maybe CollegeGameday will have a new icy-cold beer sponsor come next year.