Jeff Rossen: ‘I Want To Know Every Security Measure Available To Protect My Kids’

By Brian Flood Comment

The Today show is in the midst of a three-part series called Rossen Reports: School Danger Zone, which details back-to-school safety.

“My own kids are starting school this week, so I’m especially interested. On one hand, it’s so sad we need to even discuss these safety issues but on the other hand, as a parent, I want to know every security measure available to protect my kids,” NBC’s national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen told TVNewser. “Our story on America’s Safest School is a prime example. We showed off the hi-tech security system, how it works, and why it works. But we also showed low-tech procedures that any school could implement right now, basically free.”

Rossen also tackled another major issue, School Zone Speeders because, “so many kids hit every year walking to school by cars flying through school zones.” Rossen highlighted what police are doing to stop the dangerous drivers and what kids can do right now to protect themselves. Tomorrow the Today show will air a live television event that involves crashing a school bus. Seriously.

“We are crashing a school bus, full of child dummies, live! We’re doing it to answer  the question: why aren’t there seat belts on most school buses? Parents will be shocked by our crash test. Plus, we go to the federal government to get action,” Rossen said.