Jay Leno’s Rollover Crash Gets Maximum Exposure

By Chris Ariens 

For a while yesterday, Jay Leno was big news.

Leno was involved in a rollover crash while taping a segment for his CNBC show Jay Leno’s Garage.

CNBC has been promoting the episode, which airs tomorrow night, on TV and on Twitter, but for whatever reason — (Oh, wait. We know the reason: amazing video of Jay Leno in a rollover crash!) — it was picked up by news and entertainment websites, local TV news and even the pinnacle of daily media viewership: the evening news. Charlie Rose gave it :30 seconds on the CBS Evening News last night. It was also an item on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning.

LenoCrashCHSBoth Leno and the driver, veteran stunt driver Bob Riggles, walked away from the crash. If it had been more serious we all would have heard about it when the segment was taped months ago. But, instead, we’re hearing about it days before the episode airs for what CNBC hopes is maximum tune in.

Jay Leno’s Garage was CNBC’s most-watched original series debut last year. Tomorrow’s show is episode 3 of season 2.

And it even became a Twitter moment: