Jake Tapper’s Cat, George Stephanopoulos’ Dog In World Cup Showdown

By Alex Weprin 

It’s on. Sunday the Netherlands and Spain will battle in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship. Meanwhile, at ABC News, George Stephanopoulos’ dog Daisy and Jake Tapper’s cat Walter have their own bet going.

Daisy appeared on “Good Morning America” today, where she predicted that the Netherlands would take home the crown:

Tapper’s cat Walter (who has his own Twitter account, FYI) is apparently a Spain fan, and challenged Daisy to a bet via Twitter, with the loser having to donate $100 to the ASPCA.

Stephanopoulos blogs about the bet (with adorable photos of Walter and Daisy) here.

Of course, there is also a bit of network cross-promotion going on here. The FIFA World Cup championship game is scheduled to air on ABC Sunday at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Humans have been so befuddled by the World Cup that they have had to rely on animals to make their predictions for them. The most notable creature is the German octopus Paul, who predicted every single one of Germany’s victories, and has since picked Spain to win the whole thing.

Maybe he and Walter are in cahoots.