Jake Tapper Asks Donald Trump Not to Blame Reporters for Editorial

By Mark Joyella 

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump this week banned reporters from the Des Moines Register from getting credentials to his weekend events after objecting to an editorial in the paper. “You know what, they lie and lie and lie,” Trump said of the paper to CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union.

Trump continued to blast the paper, saying “I mean, this is a failing paper that’s treated me extremely wrong. They have lied in many, many stories. And we thought we’d do that. It has very little power. It’s failing badly. And, frankly, they’re not good people.”

At a rally Saturday in Oskaloosa, The Register was forced to leave chief politics reporter Jennifer Jacobs outside the event, as a Register politics intern went inside as a member of the general public.

On State of the Union, Tapper asked Trump on behalf of his “brother and sister journalists” not to punish reporters for something written by a newspaper editorial board. “I agree with you one hundred percent on that subject,” Trump said, without explicitly agreeing to provide credentials to Register reporters.