Jacko Trial: Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Remember how NBC correspondent Mike Taibbi said the Jackson trial makes him feel “dispirited and soiled?” Two weeks ago, he predicted he’d be back in NYC walking his dog. He was wrong, so on Tuesday’s Abrams Report, MSNBC staged a TV reunion…

> “Peter Shaplen, our media coordinator, caused a buzz this morning when he walked out of the courthouse to tell a group of reporters, hungry for information, that the jurors have NOT asked to see anything, have NOT asked for testimony read back, but HAVE asked for coffee,” Laura Ingle e-mails to Greta Van Susteren.

> Another great blog entry from MSNBC’s Lisa Daniels: “If you put 2,000 journalists under one big white tent, what do you get? Apparently 2,000 different predictions on when the Michael Jackson verdict will come down. And most of them will be wrong.”

> “If the Michael Jackson trial had been televised, the public would have seen more civics and less circus,” this AP story says. Also: TV-prof Robert Thompson asserts that the trial story “didn’t even have enough traction to compete with the runaway bride, which blew Michael Jackson off the screen for a week and a half.”