Jacko Trial: Notes & Quotes, Part 2

By Brian 

> CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Friday’s NewsNight, talking about the questions the jury has asked the judge: “I am so outraged that these are not public. I have never covered a trial, I’ve never participated in a trial where jury questions are not immediately released to the public…”

> The AP: “The explosion of phone calls that a verdict will trigger prompted some news organizations to install land lines for fear the region’s cell networks could become jammed.”

> Jermaine Jackson’s assistant Lawanda Lane showed up at the courtroom earlier week and screamed at MSNBC’s Dan Abrams: “Fire Stacy Brown, fire him.” Brown, an MSNBC contributor and Jackson family friend, blogs about it…

> A tipster e-mails: “The fans are kinda crazy — the other day a friend of mine was shooting outside of Neverland when suddenly a young man with a small PD-150 camcorder started pushing him for no reason. My friend started to respond in kind and asked the dude what his problem was when he noticed he was being filmed by another kid with a PD-150. They were intentionally creating a situation and then filming it to make the press look like jerks.”