Jacko Not Guilty: Geraldo’s Mustache Survives; Hannity To Donate $1,000

By Brian 

“I get to keep my mustache there, Sean,” Geraldo Rivera said on Monday’s Hannity & Colmes. As I noted in February, the FNC host pledged to shave his “iconic” mustache if Jackson was found guilty on all counts. But there was a flip side to this: Sean Hannity had promised to donate $1,000 to the charity of Geraldo’s choice if the jury found Jackson not guilty.

“Wounded Veterans, you owe them a thousand bucks,” Geraldo laughed. “You got a deal, I’m a man of my words,” Hannity said. Johnny Dollar’s Place has the video clip, along with a heated, must-see exchange between Geraldo and Marcia Clark

> FTVLive wonders “how long it is before Geraldo lands the first interview with Jackson?”