It’s Official

By Brian 

> TV Week: “It’s official: Jeff Zucker is the new president and CEO of NBC Universal.”

> Press release: “Zucker, 41, is a 21-year veteran of NBC Universal. As president and CEO, he will have responsibility for the strategic direction and operations of all NBC Universal properties.”

> Variety: “Zucker’s former position as head of all NBC Universal’s TV assets won’t be replaced; rather, parts will be farmed out to other execs who will report to Zucker and see their portfolios expanded.”

> Reuters: “It’s going to be a show-me story with him,” said Richard Steinberg, president of Steinberg Global Asset Management. “Can he get the NBC News ratings up and can he get prime-time shows that people care about?”

> Broadcasting & Cable: “Outgoing NBC Universal chief Bob Wright says the biggest challenge for his replacement, Jeff Zucker, is to win the race to figure out how to monetize new media.”