It’s ‘Hacker Hunting Season’ for Journalists Covering Sochi Olympics

By Jordan Chariton Comment

EngelPhysical security is among the top concerns at the Sochi Olympics, but journalists are also in the cross hairs of hacking open season in a country  with some of the world’s most skilled.

In his own experiment with two new computers, it took NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel less than a minute to get hacked.

“Hackers were snooping around trying to see how secure the machines were,” Engel reported on “NBC Nightly News.”

He then received a customized email welcoming him to Sochi. When he opened it up, his computer was hijacked, with the same thing happening to his cell phone. Engel told Brian Williams the U.S. State Department has warned journalists not to expect privacy.

And it’s not just hacking that journalists need to worry about: basic living conditions are less than optimal for many, as our sister-site 10,000 words reports journalists are lodging with lack of running water, light bulbs, and door knobs.

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel’s offer says it all.

And CNN’s Harry Reekie might have a tough time sleeping.