It’s a One, Toobin Punch

By Chris Ariens 

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin is getting it from both sides today. On National Review Online, Kathleen Parker senses too many similarities between last year’s The Weekly Standard profile of political operative Roger Stone and a profile of Stone in The New Yorker written by Toobin:

The similarities are striking, the most egregious of which is a device [Standard author Matt] Labash uses throughout his piece.

The cover art on The Weekly Standard is a photo of Roger Stone with his shirt off, showing his Nixon back tattoo. Whaddayaknow? In The New Yorker’s print edition (not online), they run a photo of Stone with his shirt off, flashing his back tattoo.

Meanwhile, on GretaWire, FNC host Greta Van Susteren writes that Toobin went over the line last night when he used the term “deranged narcissism” when discussing Hillary Clinton. Greta writes:

Where did he get this? deranged narcissism? Could he not stick to smart analytical criticism? and not wild personal insults and sideline/armchair psychology of a person he has probably never met? I actually would have put Jeff on the top of my list as someone who would stick to issues instead of getting personal and nasty.

> Update: Toobin apologizes to Matt Labash and The Weekly Standard.

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