“It Would Make it More Interesting if Bill Was on And Did It Live”

By SteveK 

It was MSNBC’s turn at the TCA today, which has become a hot spot for media stories the past couple of weeks.

Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times writes about NBC News president Steve Capus’ response to questions about the dual role of MSNBC’s primary team of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. “The audience gets it, and that’s the single biggest factor that I see,” said Capus. “I think their work speaks for itself.”

Olbermann asserted that FNC did the same thing with their primary coverage, where Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and Bill O’Reilly “were on for lengths of time.” (The FNC personalities never served as anchors of coverage, just as commentators.)

Olbermann was asked if FNC was missing an opportunity by not having O’Reilly on during primary nights.

“It would make it more interesting if Bill was on and did it live,” he said. “Let’s just leave it there.”

The Countdown host was asked how his show would change if Sen. Barack Obama is elected President.

Broadcasting & Cable’s Marisa Guthrie writes about the Obama-related Q&A. “Fairness demands that whatever administration takes office in January gets, if not the same kind of vitriol, the same kind of vetting,” Olbermann said. “I am hopeful that whoever takes office, we will never have to go through anything like this.”

Morning Joe anchor Joe Scarborough also gave insight into who his show is aimed at: “When the show was being developed, MSNBC president Phil Griffin told Scarborough that his litmus test would be late NBC News political leader Tim Russert,” writes Guthrie.

“He said, ‘I want you to do a show that has an audience of one. You’re audience is Tim Russert. If Tim is enjoying what you’re doing, you’re doing well,” Scarborough told the crowd.