ISIS Forces Journalists to Tell, Not Show, the News

By Brian Flood 

ISISWith the news of ISIS releasing a video of Jordanian military pilot Muath al-Kasaebeh being burned alive, TV newschannels have another difficult decision to make.

But the truth is, it’s not that difficult of a decision.

The 23-minute video is widely considered too disturbing for television. Especially when you consider this is only a few weeks after most networks refused to air Charlie Hebdo‘s cover featuring Mohammed.

Fox News Channel isn’t showing the video, but Shepard Smith gave a detailed account of what he saw.┬áCNN, Al Jazeera America, ABC News and CBS News have also told TVNewser they will not show the video. MSNBC does not appear to be showing the video, using brief clips without audio or the actual killing.┬áMost networks aren’t even showing still images from the gruesome video.

CNN has issued a statement on the video:

CNN has decided not show any of the appalling images of this purported murder on any of our platforms. We will continue to describe what happened, and fully report the important reactions and implications.