Is Signing Piers Morgan a Good Move for CNN?

By kevin 

Despite CNN’s statement to us this week that “rumors that we are close to signing a deal for a Larry King replacement are untrue,” NYPost’s Page Six now claims not just that Piers Morgan is taking over Larry King’s show, but that he’ll start in October, the show will be taped four days a week in New York, and he’ll try to stay on with NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

The other day we looked at Morgan’s non-“America’s Got Talent” resume and a source also told Page Six today that Morgan’s UK interview shows — including his sit-down with Gordon Brown — had impressed CNN execs.

NY Mag’s Daily Intel thinks Morgan’s incident at the Daily Mirror coupled with talk of Eliot Spitzer joining the network “poses the possibility of a real credibility gap” for CNN in primetime.

Potential Larry-King-replacement aside, we want to know…

What do you think of Piers Morgan as a potential primetime host at CNN?customer surveys

And as always, feel free to post your reasoning in the comments.