“Is Senator Obama’s Campaign Booking CNN Now?”

By SteveK 

Rev. Al Sharpton appeared as a guest on Anderson Cooper 360 last night around 10:15pmET to discuss Sen. Barack Obama and religion. Makes sense. The only problem was apparently he was supposed to be on Fox News.

FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren writes on her Gretawire blog that she “personally booked” Sharpton to appear on her 10pmET program, On the Record, to discuss Don Imus at the top of the hour. At 8:12pmET, she writes, he canceled.

He said that Senator Obama’s campaign had called and asked him to appear on CNN at the same time he was due to appear on On the Record, and thus could not make our show at the top. I told him that our first segment was the one he had been booked for almost 12 hours earlier and which we had discussed…he said Senator Obama’s campaign called and wanted him on CNN and that he was sorry.

Then, she asks: “Is Senator Obama’s campaign booking CNN now?” So far there are more than 400 comments on her post.

TVNewser has calls in to CNN for comment.