Is MSNBC Becoming Too Conservative?

By Brian 

That’s what Chris Matthews asked Tucker Carlson on MSNBC Friday.

  MATTHEWS: Tucker Carlson’s the newest member of the MSNBC family. So it’s Chris, it’s Keith, it’s Tucker…and Joe. How are you going to fit into this team, what’s your plan?

CARLSON: Many plans, none I can reveal to you right now. No, it’s going to be a good show. People need a good reason to spend an hour watching a show, and I think we’ll give it to them.

MATTHEWS: Do you think our network’s getting too conservative?

CARLSON: No, I think the network is great. I’ve watched this network for a long time, it was always the network I had on.

Media Matters has the video. Meanwhile, I’m impressed that MSNBC posted this letter on its Connected blog: “I’m beginning to get a terrible feeling that there is just a little too much conservatism going on at MSNBC. First Joe Scarborough, I hear Tucker Carlson is on his way in (Lord, help us) and now Monica Crowley.”