Is CNBC Becoming More Pro-Business?

By Brian 

> Update: 1:40pm: “The problem with CNBC is it is TOO pro-business,” an insider writes. “If you yank a CEO around by his collar a few times on the air, you get into trouble. If you act like you are not a ‘believer’ you get ‘subordinated…'”

“No one has ever accused CNBC, the cable TV home of Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow and Maria Bartiromo, of being antibusiness. Until now,” the NYT says, referencing Rupert Murdoch‘s remarks.

An NBC tipster says CNBC “has been doing many more pro-business stories in the past 12 to 16 months.” The tipster says it’s been “somewhat in response to viewer feedback.” And: “Note that Mark Haines, who was always the cynical anchor, lost his 6 to 9am slot as host of Squawk Box where he would be able to opine on everything. Now he gets an hour on the floor of the stock exchange…”

> Update: 1:36pm: “Note that Mark has a no-cut contract and if he didn’t, he would have been gone,” a tipster adds…

> Also: Media Life: “Murdoch’s statement clearly signals his intent to create a network that, not unlike Fox News, will have a point of view, one directly antagonistic to its perceived rival, and that point of view will be pro-business…”