Is Ben Smith About to Be Wished Well?

By Brian 

After reputable newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times ran clarifications when their reporters referred to Fox News as “conservative” in straight news stories, one would think the New York Daily News wouldn’t dare to do it. (Even the New York Times hasn’t gone that far.)

In Tuesday’s paper, NYDN reporter Dave Saltonstall used the conversative label in this story, and FNC called for a correction. Then in Wednesday’s paper, Ben Smith wrote about “The Call” and said the network has a “unmissable, insistent slant.”

Smith may have thought Fox would take the smack and move on, but we all know that’s not how Fox works. Spokeswoman Irena Briganti responds: “Ben has struggled to regain relevance since leaving the New York Observer, which is why you need a blood hound to find his column. We’re happy he’s making more than the $29,000 he made at the Observer… then again, you get what you pay for.”